Sunday, March 27, 2011

Massachusetts Light

Bostonography: The study of Greater Boston, Massachusetts through maps and graphical representations.

Bostonography: A blog about Boston by by a "pair of cartography geeks", by Andy Woodruff and Tim Wallace

Light Drawing Massachusetts

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tommy Lee's Texas

Ronald Reagan did it. Arnold Schwarzenegger did it. Even "Gopher" from The Love Boat did it. If these movie and television celebrities can run for public office, why not Tommy Lee Jones?

In Mother Jones, Josh Harkinson asks Tommy Lee Jones: Texas Senator?
In politics, as in life, scarcity is the mother of invention. Texas Democrats face a paucity of money, candidates, and votes heading into the 2012 race for US Senate. Which has inspired liberal Houston radio host Geoff Berg to hatch a brilliant idea: Draft actor Tommy Lee Jones for the job.
This map shows just how many of Jones' movies could help him relate to Texas' voters:

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Gerrymandering: The Movie

Gerrymandering: The Movie

"Right now, across the country, our two major political parties are gearing up for a once-a-decade war whose winner will control Congress for the next ten years, and possibly more. There will be battles in every state, and each will be kept carefully hidden from the prying eyes of average voters who only become more disenchanted with their government with each meaningless election.

Democrats and Republicans collude to keep these skirmishes private so that they can maintain total control over the ultimate political weapon: the ability to directly determine the outcome of elections. Why bother stuffing ballots when they can just draw districts? For the first time, Gerrymandering exposes the most effective form of manipulating elections short of outright fraud. After the 2010 Census is finished, will you know where your district went?"

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Wisconsin Shattered

Political events continue to shake Wisconsin.

Cartoon by John Kovalic

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Monday, March 7, 2011

The United States is one big joke?

No, but there are some funny people here. The Huffington Post has created this The United States Of Comedy: 50 Comedians From 50 States

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