Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flounder Lee

Flounder Lee is an artist currently living in Indianapolis. He describes his work as dealing with "the intersections and interactions between things. The intersections between public and private, art and life, history and the present, among others, have always informed my work. I use mapping and indexing to recreate/reconstruct the space-time surrounding my life."

One of his current project is titled, Treaties:

"Treaties between Europeans and aboriginals were made and broken time and again. Many were never even recognized by the tribes that supposedly signed them. Even if they were never formally recognized, I plan on exploring the boundaries of these lands the treaties set out for my native ancestors by my European ancestors. After finding the historical reference maps and plotting the boundaries, with modern equipment such as a GPS, Google Earth, and a camera as my guide, I will go out and find these borders in the landscape and photograph both inside and outside the imaginary lines set down in these treaties."

Lee combines maps from the Library of Congress with his photographs:

72 (Indiana/Delaware, Potawatomi, Miami and Eel River Miami)


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