Monday, July 13, 2009

HGTV Showdown Mexico City

I cannot say for sure if I have ever watched a program on HGTV, but Sunday night I received an urgent text message map alert from Hunter:
Mural map of Mexico City used as design element on HGTV Showdown right now.
Whereupon I quickly grabbed the Carto-remote and was able to catch a glimpse of this Carto-bedroom-design:

In each episode of HGTV Showdown, two design teams battle side-by-side on stage as they make over the same room for a couple whose decorating styles differ. With only four hours to work their magic under the scrutinizing eyes of the homeowners, the showdown is on to see which team will come up with the best plan for meeting the needs of both husband and wife, while transforming the room into an amazing space.
In tonight's episode teams tried to add style, honor Ray’s Mexican heritage and maximize the usable space in the challenge’s 660-square-foot apartment.

I don't know if I could handle that kind of nail-biting excitement on a regular basis but I like the wall mural. More photos here and here.

Thanks Hunter


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