Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kathi Flood

Kathi Flood is a visual artist, guerilla sociologist, storyteller and educator.
As a guerrilla sociologist, I make farcical, narrative assemblages, wallworks and installations that heroicize the sweaty, vulnerable, fumbling, stuttering, impulsive aspects of humanity in the face of corporate globalization and it’s resultant dehumanizing effects. I chew on issues that threaten our self-reliance, such as surveillance, demographic over-quantification and standardization. I do it tongue-in-cheek, crammed with worthy objects, objects with a rugged complexion and empathetic potential.
This piece, Sky Form, particularly caught my eye:
I translated a stained woman's form into a cloudy sky. Our house is on the breast, our local stores across the bottom, and a grungy shawl hangs loose against her back.



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