Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dayton Real-Time Bus Schedule Map

A very clever use of Google Maps. A real-time bus route map for Dayton, Ohio:

The author, "dmcmanam", says on DaytonMostMetro:
If you want to know the Dayton RTA routes and view the location of the buses then check out the website I'm building -

It is based on Google Maps and shows the bus routes and schedules. At this point I'm looking for feedback about what features to add next and what people like and dislike about the site. Currently 5 routes are mapped and adding a route takes me a few hours to generate the GPS data such as location of the stops and to convert the timetable posted on the Dayton RTA website to the Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format my system uses.

When I know that there is some local interest in a cool transportation website I'll add the features people request.

The DMM board should be very useful for me - I was born and raised in Dayton but spent the last 15 years elsewhere so I have few local contacts. I appreciate all feedback on the site, positive or negative. I am aware of 1 technical issue currently in the Mozilla browser the page does not always come up and you must repeatedly click "Refresh" until the map shows. No known issues in Safari or Chrome.
Just noted above, I have also had trouble loading this app in Firefox, so try IE or something else.

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