Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Retrospective Part II

Continuing my look back at some of my favorite posts from each month in 2009:


When Al Franken was finally confirmed as Senator from Minnesota, his Stupid Human Trick came to light once again. He can draw all fifty states from memory in under two minutes!


There were many great posts in August, including my delight at being mentioned in a map book, however, I would not be a red-blooded American heterosexual male if I did not choose Mapkini and Curtain as my favorite of the month...


Upon closer inspection, Stephen Von Worley's map of the contiguous United States, visualized by distance to the nearest McDonald's looks a lot like fat globules.


In October we got a look at the path of the Olympic torch on its way to Vancouver, Canada. I thought it reminded me of one of Billy Keane's Family Circus circuitous routes...


In November, I learned that Michigan is not the only state that can be portrayed by the human hand. West Virginia has its own unique way of representing its geography.


Finally, in December I made my own Icosahedron Earth.

I hope you've enjoyed maps as much as I have this past year. As usual, the number of posts fell during December because of non-cartophilic real-life stuff (I recently became re-involved with community theatre... now there is a real time suck), but I have a huge backlog of interesting maps to share with you in 2010. I hope you'll stick with me.

Happy New Year!



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