Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bicycling The Great Miami River Recreation Trail

Last summer, I bored you all with my adventures as Ms. Cartophiliac and I bicycled the Little Miami Scenic Trail. In 15 to 25 mile bits, mostly on railroad right-of-way, we bicycled from Springfield, Ohio, almost down to the Ohio River.

We are not serious bicyclists. My little green 3-speed Electra Amsterdam is great for toodling about town. Speedy McBikepants passes us on a regular basis. However, we enjoy getting out for some sunshine and a bit of exercise. Unfortunately, this summer, several circumstances kept us from getting out on our bikes until today.

This summer, we will be working on the Great Miami River Recreation Trail. The trail is not quite as long or as scenic as the Little Miami. Very little of the route uses railroad right-of-way, so it is not quite as flat, although most of the time we are on top of the levy, built after the Great Flood of 1913, but at least it is closer to home. Today's leg was from Carillon Park in Dayton to Miamisburg:

The Deeds Carillon contains 57 bells which are rung via an electronic keyboard.

While the weather was great, we saw little wildlife, besides ducks, geese, and one heron. We did however, get a lovely view of the power plant.

Near the end of our route, we were inspired by this railroad trestle, painstakingly painted with bible verses...

All three photos above are from the Great Miami River Recreation Trail website.

23 miles total, there and back again. I was totally whipped. I'm out of shape. Hopefully we'll get back out there soon.

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