Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Badges? We Need Mappin' Badges!

The Boy Scouts of America have announced a new, map related, merit badge: Geocaching!

According to the "Official Blog of Scouting Magazine", here are a few highlights of what Scouts will learn while earning the Geocaching merit badge:
  • Precautions necessary to have a safe time while searching for geocaches
  • Geocaching etiquette and how the principles of Leave No Trace apply
  • Geocaching terms
  • How GPS technology works
  • Steps for finding and logging a cache
  • How to use, the official online home of geocaching
Of course, the best thing about this new merit badge is that it has a map right there on the badge! A quick check revealed several other badges with maps:

Space Exploration
Citizenship in the World
Not to be outdone by the boys, the Girl Scouts of America also offer a badge with a map, "Girl Scouting in My Future"

Via The Map Room


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At Friday, October 15, 2010 , Blogger dhkendall said...

About mappin' time the Boy Scouts have a Geocaching badge - that activity is so suited to them ...


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