Friday, November 2, 2007

Communicating with Geography: The Siegfried Feller Collection of Map Postcards

In one of my first posts, wherin I attempted to define what I mean by "cartophilia", I gave credit to Siegfried Feller for contributing to my interest in map memorabilia. Mr. Feller published a "zine" called Cartomania; all about map postcards and other memorabilia. I subscribed to that zine for several years.

Today I recieved a comment on that post (the FIRST comment on my blog... woo hoo!):

Indeed Siegfried Feller edited his wonderfully eclectic newsletter, Cartomania, from 1986 to its final issue in the Fall of 1999. His collection of over 10,000 map postcards, trade cards, matchbooks, T-shirts and more was recently given to the Harvard Map Collection. The collection is now being rehoused for preservation purposes and an exhibit of a selection of these items will open this month at the Harvard Map Collection.

David Cobb, Curator
Harvard Map Collection

Indeed! From the Harvard Map Collection website:

December 5–January 18

Communicating with Geography: The Siegfried Feller Collection of Map Postcards

Highlights from a recent gift to the Map Collection of more than 10,000 map postcards. The collection, a gift from Siegfried Feller, includes both new and used postcards and is international in scope.

Thank you, Mr. Cobb! I wish I could be in Massachusetts to visit the exhibit.

After additional "googling" of Mr. Feller, I have also discovered that he is a retired librarian from the University of Massachusetts. Another delightful coincidence. I would love to meet him one day.

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