Thursday, October 25, 2007

Maps make funny shapes...

In the "Things found while looking for something else" category... well, this time I was looking for myself (I did a Google search on "cartophilia") and I found the xtcian blog, by Ian Williams, with a post from 2003 called cartophilia! in which he has fun with the funny shapes of states...

I like it when states reach for something that they might not deserve. Take Alabama and Mississippi, for instance, both violently sticking out a body part to touch the Gulf of Mexico:

One of his commenters suggests, "Alabama and Mississippi ought to talk about it before going to bed. They look like a couple that's had a fight."

He forgot to note how funny the shape of Florida can be... and how it could be a little different after a little blue pill...

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At Friday, October 03, 2008 , Blogger T J said...

Back in the mid/late 80s, there was a local comedy show on TV in Baltimore. To this day, my husband remembers one of the female comedians saying: "Maryland is the only state shaped like a hand gun" (in stereotypical Bawl'mer accent). We pull that line out regularly!

At Wednesday, April 08, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Michigan "I've got a date with Miss Michigan" is commonly used as a euphamism for masturbation. As in:

John: "So Charlie, what are your plans for this evening?"

Charlie: "Well John, my girlfriend and I broke up last week, so it looks like I've got a date with Miss Michigan"

Referencing, of course, the distinctive hand-like shape of the Michigan map.

At Friday, December 11, 2009 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Alabama/Mississippi combo looks like Homer and Bart Simpson.


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