Monday, December 10, 2007

Library of Congress presents the Map that Named America

This week the Library of Congress will begin offering access to their materials in new and interactive ways:

Library of Congress Exhibition Begins Transformation of Public Spaces Through Merger of Knowledge, Technology
“Exploring the Early Americas” Presents Kislak Items, Map That Named America

A new exhibition opening Dec. 13 marks the beginning of a months-long transformation of public spaces in the Library of Congress’s Thomas Jefferson Building into an experience for visitors that merges cutting-edge technology with the knowledge and inspiration embodied in the Library’s unparalleled collections and curators.

"Exploring the Early Americas," which features items from the Jay I. Kislak Collection and Martin Waldseemüller’s 1507 World Map—the first document of any kind to use the word "America"—focuses on the history and legacies of the Americas and the impact of European contact, culture and conquest.

The Waldseemüller Map:

See a preview of "Exploring the Early Americas," visit for an interactive Flash copy of "Buccaneers of America," (pirate illustrations and all!) in addition to a Flash tour of the Tortuguero Box – complete with Mayan translations of the box’s images.

A map of Panama from "Buccaneers of America":

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