Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ohio: Hillary Clinton's New Favorite State

Hillary Clinton won a big electoral victory in Ohio last night (along with Texas and Rhode Island) breathing new life into her campaign. For me, that is as good a reason as any to post Ohio map postcards from my collection:

I have been living in Ohio now for almost thirteen years. It is a suprisingly diverse state. Sometimes I feel like it is three different states. In the northeast, Cleveland to me often feels like an eastern city. Columbus is a solidly midwestern town. Cincinnati is an enigma. I have often described it to my friends as a "southern city on the wrong side of the river." However, Mrs. Cartophiliac, who grew up in the Queen City, rejects that description. She calls it a feudal city-state, because they so rarely like to acknowledge that they are associated with the rest of the state of Ohio.

The state is also divided by its sports loyalties. Cleveland has the football Browns and baseball Indians. Cincinnati has the Bengals and Reds. How the loyalties are distributed has been discussed in my post about the United Countries of Football.

On to Pennsylvania...

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At Thursday, March 13, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's funny about Mrs Cartophiliac's description of Cincinnati as a "feudal citystate"! I grew up in the area too. It seemed to me Cicinnatians were reluctant to acknowledge the existence of the rest of the world...much less the rest of Ohio...
Tony (alphistia)


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