Thursday, August 28, 2008

New New and News Maps on Magazines

Magazine cover designers never disappoint me. I can always count on a map or two every month. This month I present magazines with the word "New" or "News" in their title. How about that?
The New Republic August 13, 2008

Cover story: Trading Places by Alan Ehrenhalt
The demographic inversion of the American city.

The tiny image here does not do the cover justice, but it depicts the new "heart" of cities that are revitalizing, in the style of a transit map.
Two maps from the New Scientist magazine in one month!

First, August 6, 2008, another transit map is used to illustrate the story by Mark Buchanan on Why complex systems do better without us
The August 20, 2008, issue fills a water balloon globe to illustrate: Looming water crisis simply a management problem, by Jonathan Chenoweth

For another cover on this theme, see Squeezing out the last drops, my magazine post from earlier this month.

Finally, the September 2008 issue of ARTnews uses a map tatoo of China to introduce us to China's Art Market Boom by Barbara Pollack

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