Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Interimaginational Institute for Fantastical Exploration & Cartography

Alison Murray Whittington is the Chief Mapmaker at The Interimaginational Institute for Fantastical Exploration & Cartography, her Etsy shop, where she offers prints and original map art and illustrations.
Strike out on fantastic journeys through imagination! Search for treasure and excitement! Inked with dip pens and illuminated with watercolor, each of these maps is a wonderful navigation tool for explorers, pirates, storytellers, map lovers, and adventurers of all ages.
Here we see the Land of Many Tales:

Just what every traveler needs... a definitive map of fairy tale land. (This is my first map with locations that I did not create but I assure you, all sources are in the public domain.) With this map, you can navigate your way across the landscape of traditional fairy tales and stories and perhaps come up with a few new stories of your own.

Stop in for a cup of tea with the seven dwarves, peek through the window at Sleeping Beauty, snack on cookies at the home of Red Riding Hood's grandma, visit the Marquis de Carabas and his faithful aide, Puss-in-Boots, and climb up Jack's Beanstalk (this one being a newly grown beanstalk, naturally, since Jack chopped the first one down. While you're reading the small print, please use appropriate safety gear when climbing any beanstalks).
Follow Alison's adventures in "paint and ink" at her blog or on Twitter.

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