Monday, April 27, 2009

NPR on the Power Grid

A couple weeks ago, we explored maps about the U.S. power grid, and related energy topics. This week, National Public Radio is running a series of stories on our aging power distribution system. Their website includes an interactive map:

The nation’s electricity grid is facing a crisis -- it’s outdated and unprepared for increasing demand and a future that includes more renewable sources of energy. A new digital smart grid is part of the picture envisioned by advocates, as is building new electricity infrastructure.
The maps and articles include data on sources of power, location of power plants, and the potential for solar and wind power generation.

Thanks to Katie for the heads up!



At Saturday, May 09, 2009 , Blogger Michael5000 said...

Whenever I read that something is "facing a crisis" I always reflect on how the Chinese word for "crisis" is a combination of two symbols -- the word for "oh shit" and the word for "we're all going to die." Or something along those lines.


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