Friday, May 22, 2009

NPR Road Trips

National Public Radio has correspondents all over the world who tell stories about the people and places they cover. Many of the best of these stories have been collected on a series of CDs titled NPR Road Trips.

NPR Road Trips: Postcards from Around the Globe: Stories That Take You Away:
Meet Colin Angus and Julie Wafael, who spent two years circumnavigating the globe using theirhands and feet. Turn on the radio in Katmandu and hear music from the 70s. Learn how robot jockeys are solving a human rights problem in Dubai. (It has to do with camel races.) Join in the wild festivities of Carnival in Rio. And walk through old Beijing before it’s demolished for high-rise development.
Includes introduction by Noah Adams.

Map postcards for the ears?

Also available:
NPR Road Trips: Roadside Attractions
NPR Road Trips: National Park Adventures

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At Monday, May 25, 2009 , Blogger Jefferey said...

I like the retro travel map feel on the graphic you posted. There is an entire genre of maps as illustrated aeriel views, found in Europe but also occasionally in the US as well.


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