Friday, August 27, 2010

The Rap Map

From Thatsaabguy:

Under even the best of circumstances, I'm not a fan of hip-hop music. You'd never guess this by my ability to quote the movie "Friday" almost verbatim, nor my recent fascination with the Boondocks cartoon on Adult Swim...but pay no attention to the crazy man.

What we have here is The Rap Map, a lovingly compiled page that catalogues all manner of hip-hop locations in numerous American cities. These locations are sometimes historically important to the genre (such as Mos Def's Childhood Home and Eminem's alma mater, Osborn High School), sometimes mentioned in songs ("Glock-Glock" and a Home Depot parking lot), sometimes apropos of nothing at all (the Folsom Street Fair).

In almost every case, the descriptions given in these links are NSFW, but what did you expect from a catalogue of all things hip-hop? If nothing else, it's a cool use of Google Maps!

Don't worry, next time I'll post something slightly less shocking, I promise...

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