Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ohio on a Stick

Some of you may have noticed my recent experimentation with selling advertising space to Project Wonderful. It is an interesting model for buying an selling ads. That little ad box in the upper right portion of this page does not, I think, usually offend.If anything, the ads are often a little silly and irrelevant to the topic of this blog (online comics, fan fiction, t-shirts). I have so far made a grand total of $0.27!

Just imagine my suprise when, this morning, I looked at my blog and found an ad for "Original Map Paintings." The ad links to an online shop at Etsy, an online community where members can buy and sell "all things handmade".

The art featured in this shop is by Erik Maldre. He calls the two examples posted here Ohio on a Stick and Estonia on a Stick.

From the Artist's Statement:
The second reality is clearly defined by the title of each piece. "'Region' on a Stick No. 'X'" perpetuates beyond the representational notions of a map by suggesting that the represented region is a physical object unto itself. Ironically enough, the duality of representation comes full circle for the suggested physical object is still a representation of such due to its physically painted nature.
Erik, I love this stuff. If you had sent me a link, I would have plugged your site for free! (Like I'm doing now.) Although, as long as you maintain the Project Wonderful ad, your link will remain at the top of the front page...

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At Thursday, May 22, 2008 , Blogger Erik Maldre said...

Hey, thanks for the blog post feature! I put a link in my Etsy Shop Announcement to this post.

It's interesting that you feature Ohio. The only map that I sell more of than Ohio is Texas. There's a lot of love for Ohio out there.

You also have a photo of the Estonia painting. I'm half Estonian, which explains why I selected that country to paint. I haven't received many requests for country paintings. I have only done Australia, Estonia, Ireland, Taiwan and Iceland so far.

Some people share with me their stories why they purchase the paintings they do. The woman who purchased the Iceland painting gave it to her sister who is a Viking archeologist. How cool is that?!


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