Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Flounder Lee: US 1783 to 1894 720p

Big Car at the Murphy Art Center, Indianapolis, Indiana.

March 6: A Music and Video Experiment, featuring video art and experimental music

Big Car's First Friday show for March will feature a bevy of local, regional, national and international video and sound artists... including local artist Flounder Lee (featured previously on Cartophilia). Lee will be featuring a map related video:

So, I asked him, "Am I reading it correctly that the red bits represent Native American reservations? or is that the yellow? and if so what are the red?"

His reply:
The red parts are where there was either multiple tribes that turned over land to the US at different times, or where the US claimed land but then tribes signed a treaty later finally actually releasing it. The yellow is just land that has not been turned over to the US yet or has been turned over and then back as in reservations. The blue is the US. For some reason I can't get it to upload in HD, it looks really nice when it does because the pieces move a lot. They are cowboys and Indians. Not sure if that is clear from the smaller youtube video. I pulled all the data from these out of the library of congress report in the year 1897. There is a lot of detail that is missed due to the resolution of plastic toys :) They represent a lot of area each.

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