Friday, October 2, 2009

Parag Khanna maps the future of countries

TED is a small nonprofit devoted to "Ideas Worth Spreading". On their site you can find videos of speakers on technology, entertainment, design, business, science and global issues. In this episode, Parag Khanna discusses geopolitics:
Many people think the lines on the map no longer matter, but Parag Khanna says they do. Using maps of the past and present, he explains the root causes of border conflicts worldwide and proposes simple yet cunning solutions for each.

Interesting overview of border troubles around the world. Some of his ideas about redrawing the Middle East have been discussed here.

He also discussed a trend in population movement in the Far East of which I was not aware. As Russians depopulate Siberia, Chinese are moving in to take advantage of the abundant resources.

In addition, some discussion of China as the center of a new Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. Not built through conquest, as attempted by the Japanese, but through trade and interdependence.

Thanks to Atlas(t) for the heads up!


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At Saturday, October 10, 2009 , Anonymous ruslan said...

Chinese people are everywhere :)


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